Covid, Construction and Your End Game

Hey guys, Lauren here! Doesn’t life just change on a dime?

January 2020 we were planning for an epic snow season, much like last year. We had the equipment ready, the labor in place and we were eager. We were eager to make a move and always be ahead of every storm. We waited and waited, and when the forecast predicted a large snow event, we were ecstatic only to have our dreams dashed the next morning when only freezing rain fell before our eyes.

By the time mid March hit, we were anticipating an early spring. So, we began planning. But this time, we began to schedule out construction projects, and work on mobilizing a landscaping crew. Things were getting done, guys! Our crews were on fire, producing beautiful work at record speed and, we were priding ourselves on our ability to pivot. When snow failed to fall from the sky, we were setting our sights on new possibilities, new jobs, new crews, and everything looked and felt fresh. But even though our business was booming, the world began to change; Covid was no longer an overseas problem, as it had invaded our backyards. As more lives were being threatened, the news got louder. Governors began to declare a state of emergency and it seemed like just overnight schools were shut down, businesses closed, and everyone was wearing a mask. The socio and economic impact of this virus felt as if someone had snuck up behind us, stole our wallets and punched us in the face. We weren’t planning on this. You weren’t planning on this and it took a good solid few weeks to reorient ourselves after this crazy sucker punch. 

What we have learned from this, and we hope you have to, is that life can change at the speed it took for you to read this sentence. Nothing is ever guaranteed. BUT, this does not mean our vision has to change. We need to hold on to our values in life, and the people we want to be and the places we want to go. Nothing, not covid, not a shut down and not uncertainty has the power to undo a vision. Only you have the power to walk away from what you’ve been working towards. 
This might sound like a rant, but let me reign this all in. Do you know how many construction jobs have ever gone according to plan? Zero! Yup, none! No construction project ever exists in a bubble. Whenever we open those walls, rot that was never anticipated is right in our faces, faulty wiring is exposed or something that should have been installed correctly, has been jerry-rigged ( is that a Vermont Term?). But just because the unforeseen has been exposed , doesn’t mean we stop there! Usually the customer wants us to finish what we in fact came there to do in the first place.

They still envision that beautiful addition they’ve been wanting for years! They still set their sights on all the memories that will be made in that newly constructed space, and they still see the value that will be added to their home after it all has been completed. These setbacks do not change the overall course of the project, only the customer can cancel the project’s end. 
What we hope you realize is that these setbacks do not change your end goal. Only you can choose to make an exit. These setbacks do not change our mission. Only we can choose to continue this journey. And we will continue to do the best as long as we are able. What will you decide?