Planning your way into Summer

Life is full of transitions. Transitioning from youth to a seasoned adult, going from fall to winter, night to day. Change is always in the air! We had snow up to our chins, and now it’s barely touching our ankles. The colorless grass is beginning to poke through. Okemo mountain is nearing the end of its ski season, and Summit Solutions is storing its sanders and beginning to put its exhausted equipment to rest, after a busy snowy season. We are finding ourselves right now in a season of transition from winter to spring.

It can be difficult to transition. We as a company oftentimes feel lost when the snow wanes, and the phone quiets down. It takes us time to shift gears and begin to think spring, and work at a different pace. And because this time of

year doesn’t necessarily allow us to “do”, we have decided to plan! Planning for summer maintenance is the best way to handle the transition phase of mud season. Planning breeds progress for future months , and progress always makes us feel good!

Have you been taking advantage of spring’s slumber? The ground beneath us is slowing beginning to open its eyes and stretch its legs, and in the blink of an eye, flowers will be in bloom and the green grass will be endless. Take advantage now while you have time to take a walk around your yard and decide what projects you want to accomplish this year! What would make your home stand out in your neighborhood? A freshly surpaked driveway, a clean lawn and possibly a stone retaining wall? Those are all great options! And if you are just completely overwhelmed by possibility, we would love to help you navigate , so take advantage of spring by planning your way into summer! We wish you the best yard