The Summit Perspective: Now What?

The state of Vermont is the embodiment of some of the ancient poet’s greatest work. It is a dream materialized with its verdant landscape and picturesque mountains. The lakes, rivers, and streams dance along the landscape. The towns quaintly tucked away in the mountains, tug at something deep within your soul. You want a piece of this to call your own, a house on a hill or even hidden in the evergreen, so you can essentially have your own peace from a life full of distractions and unrelenting demands. Finally, you have purchased the home that you’ve been wanting. You make great plans. You envision all the family dinners that will be gathered around your newly purchased farmhouse table and the countless memorable ski trips that will occur. You will finally be able to get the rest that you need, the much-needed escape from the hectic life you’ve been living, but then it hits you, there are a lot of small details that hadn’t even crossed your mind. “Just how will I take care of this place and maintain its condition? How do I keep my driveway clear when I want to make it to the mountain, and who on earth will pick up my trash?” These are just some of the questions you could be asking yourself as you slowly make it back to reality. Here at Summit Solutions, we know that you want your vacations to stay a vacation, which is why we are the answer to many your homecare questions. We can pick up your trash, so you don’t have to. We will check on your house, because we know how important peace of mind is, and we will build your dream kitchen, because we believe that you should never stop dreaming and settle for anything less than exceptional. So, where do you begin with the process? Just give us a call and we will handle the rest! We can’t wait to meet with you and help you on your journey! Cheers, Lauren and Adam Severy