Preparing for Winter 2021

            Winters are tough, and now we find ourselves once again caught up in the soaring rise of Covid-19, which can heap a pile of coals on top of an already dreaded season. I’m not necessarily saying I dread winter. Winter is beautiful with all of its festive charm, the glittery snow and breathtaking sunsets. I love those things about winter. Perhaps you love the skiing, the snow shoeing, the hibernating next to a warm fire, sipping on a thirty year old single malt whisky.  But, what I do not like are the sub- zero degree weather, the ice that quickly glazes the streets and the copious amounts of snow that can pile up on a door step in a moment’s notice. I do not like the inconveniences that threaten my comfort, which seem so many in those dark months.  So just how can we all enjoy winter more? Enjoying winter is all about planning ahead.

            If you are anticipating some cold winter months,  I suggest stocking up on firewood! Having a burning, crackling stove radiate warmth in a cold home certainly takes the edge off, and will have you blissfully humming “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in no time! Depending on how much your stove can hold, I suggest ordering between one-half cord and one cord of firewood. But don’t wait, firewood is always in high demand!

            Have you looked at your driveway lately? It might be time to fix the ruts and dips before a big snow fall hits and the ground freezes.  After all, you want your plow driver ( hopefully this is us) to be able to clear the snow so you can leave with a quick turn of the key and push on the pedal. Don’t let your driveway keep you from driving! And if your driveway is in pristine condition? Great! Just call us to be sure you are on our schedule to be plowed; you’ll be glad you did!

            We all know that 2020 has been unpredictable to say the least. One month we were bringing down the house with family and friends celebrating the new year and in a few short months, we are in lock down. If the turn of events has taught us one thing, it’s taught us that life is unpredictable. So to prepare for a large snow fall or even a lock down, gather a few items just in case. If you can’t go to a restaurant? Make sure you are stocked up on wine, cheese and maybe even some Belgium chocolate ( my favorite :) ) If you are house bound and you have kids clawing at the walls have some fun games already picked out! Have a snow ball fight, make some hot chocolate, and enjoy the time! And just remember, we might not be able to quell a family feud, or deliver goodies to your door, but we can deliver firewood, plow your driveway and fix a few things around the house to free up your time, so you are free to enjoy the winter, whatever it may bring!